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Train developers to write secure code.

Exploit and patch modern web applications in hands‑on labs.

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Hunter2 teaches modern secure coding practices through interactive web apps that developers exploit and patch. Our labs, written in your tech stack, provide strategies to immediately improve your organization's security.

Save money.

The cost of a breach can be millions of dollars, and automated scans don’t catch everything. When developers know what threats to watch out for, they systematically write better, safer code.

Stay compliant.

Certifications like SOC2 require relevant and ongoing security training. Ensure that your engineers receive the onboarding and continuous practice they need to stay ahead of hackers, covering the full OWASP Top 10 and beyond.

Retain talent.

Don't make your developers watch boring videos. Give them engaging, hands-on labs that teach practical skills and are customized to your team’s experience.

Relevant practice for your development team.

We are constantly adding to the languages and frameworks covered in our labs.

What you get with Hunter2:

  • Interactive labs
  • Practical experience
  • Real scenarios
  • No boring slideshows
  • No multiple choice tests
  • No fake simulations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hunter2 online labs teach modern secure coding practices by giving developers real web applications to exploit and patch. Through guided, interactive exercises, your engineers learn practical strategies that can be applied immediately.

Every month, on a schedule of your choosing, we release new labs that are relevant to your team and tech stack. Some labs reinforce and expand upon previous topics, while others cover new strategies based on the latest exploits.

Yes, SOC2 and other certifications that require an ongoing security training component can be satisfied with our labs. With a Team plan or above you will be able to set required modules and deadlines, then track your team's completion and export progress reports.

It's up to you how long the set of required labs take; the easiest exercises take only five to ten minutes, but there are many advanced labs that are significantly more complex.

Since labs are fully interactive, users must prove their skills directly by exploiting and patching real code. Exercises use modern web apps written in your tech stack, so the skills and strategies taught are directly applicable to your code.

Users can select labs from our wide library of content. With a Team plan or above, we will set up a call to discuss your tech stack and business objectives in order to choose suitable modules.

Most of our labs assume assume a basic familiarity with the tech stack being used. We do have some introductory content for anyone who needs to learn how to navigate around a bash terminal, use a command line text editor, etc.

Ready to write secure code?